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Make Money With Clicksure – Promote Affiliate Products

Make Money With Clicksure - Promote Affiliate Products

Clicksure marketplace is among the best internet places where friend make extra earnings using different ways, some are offering their own products online, others are advertising affiliate programs from popular websites.

The issue below is the best ways to discover a great and trusted affiliate marketplace and effective ways by which picked the great items to promote, so in this short article I’ll inform you about simple steps to make cash with among the best Affiliate Marketplaces and the best ways to do it.

Prior to stating, you should understand that countless affiliates around the globe, are making additional earnings from home with affiliate items, probably, you have searched for some affiliate marketplaces like ClickBank and others, to make additional money. Today I’ll tell you about Clicksure, a wonderful marketplace to sell or promote affiliate products and make living with it.

Exactly what is ClickSure?

ClickSure is an online marketplace exactly like ClickBank however with less competition in some items, they have exclusive items to promote, which makes it simple for you to promote them, but remember you should do the hard work to do well, this is not a get rich job (it will make you rich if you work hard and hard). The I found between ClickBank and ClickSure the quality of the products you’re promoting. I mean Clickbank has the odd few products that I have used before and have found some success, such as Ewen Chia’s SuperAffiliates, but not all their products are like that. Clicksure, however, has top-notch products for affiliates to promote, giving them an almost guaranteed rebill for each sale every month for the ultimate residual income that you’ve always dreamed of.

Now let’s begin promoting ClickSure items to make additional income, initially, you need to sign up with ClickSure as affiliate, then login to your account and have a look at the right column that shows you the “Live Marketplace”, there you find the best items to advertise, this is a good way for a starter affiliate to discover a products that will be sold, inspect all the 20 products and pick the one that you want to promote.

To find your affiliate links and banners, you have to see your affiliate link first, then scroll down at the bottom of the page to find “Affiliates” link, click that link and sign up with the program. Now all is done, you have to make an excellent technique to drive visitors to your link and make sales, this is not a simple work, if you think that you copy and past your links all over, in online forums, blogs or social networks, then this work is not for you. The old and spam techniques will not work now, but if you’re a hard worker, comprehend the next steps, and you will get sales later.

Develop a Review Page about the product

You need a strong testimonial page to promote your link without spam, I recommend that you purchase the product before composing an evaluation, your visitors need a product that will fix issues and not a rip-off one, so if you trust what you’ve purchased, your visitors will trust you too.

If you have a blog or internet site, produce your review and inform friend exactly how you discover the items and exactly what makes it various from others, include some great images and include your links To completion of the short article. At the same time optimise your short article for search engines, this will assist you to get more targeted visitors.

Now, you have actually developed a web page where visitors will pertain to see an evaluation about the item, and you require human visitors. My suggestions right here, is don’t buy visitor from any company or individuals, the majority of them sells bots and not human visitors.

Join Facebook groups and stay active

The main reason, why I suggest Facebook groups and not Pages, is that you can’t develop a fan page for each item and afterwards leave the pages, Facebook pages without countless individuals will not assist you with affiliate products.

So, join Facebook pages related to your niche, for example, if your item has to do with health, find wellness groups in Facebook, join them and remain active without posting link during 15 days, this will help you build relationships with friend and family, post beneficial helps and tips, at the same time remain concentrated on some groups, no more than 10 good active groups, this is better than 30 groups with couple of friend and family.

After 15 days or more, you can begin including links in a few of your posts, friend and family will click your links and browse through you examine page, because they understand you. Hence, you develop brand-new connections and advertise your Affiliate links without spam others, remember that Facebook is a social platform, people are not wanting to purchase something, so you have a hard work to turn them into clients.

Sign up with Warrior Forum

Warrior forum, is the biggest marketing forum on the planet, with millions of active internet online marketers and web designers every day. Typically registration is cost-free, however they charge one time $10 to guarantee that you’re major and minimize spam posts as possible. if you cannot join, it’s not completion of the world, just forget this action.

With warrior Forum, you need to be an active poster, just comment threads with useful info and do not spam others, learn brand-new strategies and include your link in your trademark, so friend will see your link and see your page. make sure to create a good appealing words.

Warrior online forum will help you for more information about marketing, utilize it to discover originalities, participate in posts and advertise your Clicksure links in your signature.

$20 in complimentary clicks to advertise Clicksure items

You can market your relate to pay par click marketing program, Bidvertiser will give you $20 in cost-free clicks to your page, the problem is that there are marketers who pay dollars per click, so your page will not receive clicks as you anticipate. To get the maximum of the $20, you must market one single item as opposed to three or four items, utilize this link to sign up and get your cost-free $20 in clicks, then send your link, set your proposal and await activation.

Generally you will get from 20 to 80 targeted clicks each day, it depends upon the competitors, if you do not have competitors (advertisers) you can receive more visitors.


You can make extra income utilizing this easy technique, you promote affiliate items and generate income, however keep in mind that you need to work, this is the only means to prosper with ClickSure and all others affiliate marketplaces, simply selected the right product and drive targeted visitors.

How To Make More Money With Clicksure

Clicksure is an affiliate marketplace similar to Clickbank where sellers, buyers and affiliates meet. You can sign up as a seller or as an affiliate. As a seller, you can sell any of your digital products through Clicksure at a set fee. As an affiliate, you have the chance to choose and promote hundreds of digital products found on the marketplace to your customers or clients.

How to Make Money with Clicksure
Clicksure offers a wide range of digital products, that ranges from;
-E-business and Marketing
-Computer Software
-Employment and Jobs
-Foreign Exchange and Investing
-Health and Fitness

If you want to make money with Clicksure, you will do this through affiliate marketing. You sign up with Clicksure as an affiliate, access their marketplace and choose the product that you want to promote. Get the promotional code, write a small review about the product and include the affiliate product link. You can also use your email list or social networks to market Clicksure products.

How to Make Sure You are Promoting the Right Products from Clicksure

Unlike Clickbank where you are able to find the popularity and the gravity of a specific product, Clicksure does not offer that feature, making it even harder for affiliates to figure out what products to promote.

One way to go about finding the best products is by going to sites like jvnotifypro.com and finding out which products are hot on the market. If the product is still in it’s pre-launch stage and you do not have enough information about it, you can do some research on the internet or use YouTube, so that at least you have some ideas of what the product is when writing the review.

Your goal is to be among the first people to write the review for that particular product and it is most likely that, if you wait until the product is released, there will be so many websites ranking for same product, making it harder for you to get traffic for your review article. This does not mean you shouldn’t purchase the product for yourself, it is recommended you purchase the product once it is launched, so that you can edit your honest review based on your own experience.

The next step is to write a review about the product you chose and make sure you post your review in a website with a high page ranking. If you do not have a high ranking website, you can use forums like Warrior forum or even Facebook and other social media websites to market your review article. The more traffic it gets, the more chances you have to make some affiliate money.

In order to make sure that you rank well for that product and it’s keyword, do another Google search using the product title to find out how many websites are ranking for that specific keyword. If there are so many high ranking websites using the same keyword, you could try to re-write your title but making sure you include the product name in the title. Aim for something that has a little less competition but is still being searched by many.

Once you have done that, your product review is most likely to rank high in search engines, since you will be among the first people using that particular product keyword. You can now relax and wait for the search engines to send your traffic to your review article and make money every time somebody buys the product with your link.

Lastly, if you are going to promote Clicksure products, avoid promoting the “get rich quick” type of products and look for real products that work. Otherwise, you will end up with a lot of chargeback and with Clicksure non-responsive support system, you may end up wasting a lot of your time and even money.

There are some people who have also complained about delays in payments from Clicksure. To be on the safe side, you may start by promoting a few items and once you reach the payment threshold ($250), you can request for a payout and find out how they pay before promoting other products even further.

Get Started With ClickSure

Earn Money Online With ClickSure


Getting started with ClickSure is really easy! All you have to do is sign-up for free on their website. You will also need a PayPal account and you will need to link a Payoneer account to your PayPal so that ClickSure can send you payments when you have passed the payout threshold. The sign-up is very quick and simple and can be done in about two minutes of your time.

If you are looking to make some real money with ClickSure then you have come to the right place. ClickSure offers affiliates a variety of products to promote and make online weekly cash from. I have been using ClickSure since March 2013 and since I began I have learned a lot about how to make money with ClickSure. I have since discovered many easy ways to promote products and get people to buy them and earn big commissions from the sales.

Below is a video I made back in March that shows my very first earnings with ClickSure just a day after I purchased a really great product that I use to this day to earn huge profits from ClickSure. If you want to check it out you can here.